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It’s raining! It’s snowing!  and then it stopped!  I managed to get some beautiful pictures from the AmaPrima of this picturesque town on the Danube, but I skipped sightseeing here and instead when to Salzburg, Austria!  Yes, that Salzburg, where the Sound of Music was filmed and Mozart was born!  Saw many filming sights in our 2 hour walking tour, and of course, the birthplace and later home of Mozart.  We also took the opportunity to visit the Fortress Of Salzburg and the incredible graveyard here.

I could easily return here for another 3 day visit….what an incredibly beautiful city!

The Christmas market here is very famous in Europe, and our leftover alotted time after all our sightseeing was just not long enough!  It’s amazing how much I’m looking forward to each of the Christmas markets we are going to!

One of things I regret not having the time to go and see was the Mozart Museum where some of his original instruments are located….that would have been cool!  Next time….


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