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What’s Hot – From My Desk – February Chronicle

Welcome to “From My Desk” Chronicles!

These new featured Chronicles will look back at what’s been hot from my desk and look forward to what you can expect to be hot in the future!

January and February are often about cruising. Most people tend to book their Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean and European cruises at this time to take advantage of Wave Season which offers amazing deals with all cruise lines. Alaska, Hawaiian and Caribbean cruises lines offer great amenity packages – free internet, free drink packages, etc. European River Cruises often offer free air, 2 for 1 sailings and amenity discounts. Many of the cruise lines have now removed the “last minute” sales on cabins as they were receiving very negative feedback from clients that booked earlier and paid more. Did you book your cruise??? It’s not too late!

Getting the last minute deal to somewhere “hot and sunny” so we can Escape our dreary, cold and drawn out winter is also predominant, and the past two months have certainly kept me busy. We haven’t been our usual -20 degrees or so, but it’s been wet and dreary and that is absolutely a great reason to seek the sun, sand and warm waters. A good thing to remember is that while last minute deals can be good, they often leave you not being able to book the resort or category you want because they are already sold out. A good rule of thumb is; if you want a particular hotel, room, or you have to travel over certain dates like Spring Break, book early so you won’t be disappointed. The WestJet direct-non stop flight to Puerto Vallarta is all but sold out until the end of the operating season. There’s still a couple of seats left on certain dates – so call me now if you’re wanting the quick Escape to Puerto Vallarta.

Dengue Fever on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Zika Virus throughout the Americas has also been a hot button right now. Have you changed, cancelled or postponed your travel plans due to any of these issues? I have not found that travel for us has been too greatly affected. I have information on both of these issues if you are interested!

Of course, our low dollar is wreaking havoc on all our travel plans. I have booked several Canadian holidays since the beginning of year. Beautiful Canada – so much to see and experience right in our own backyard!

We just said “good-bye” to this year’s “day of love” – but love doesn’t have to be celebrated only on February 14th! Travel is an amazing alternative to chocolates and roses! Some of you took advantage of the great February deals.

So, with winter waning and spring fast approaching, what’s hot now? Europe! One simple word, so many opportunities! Everything from fully guided – to partially guided – to self drive -explore on your own or cruise through it, Europe doors are wide open and offer holidays to suit everyone.

Taking a look at the regions of Europe what’s on your bucket list?

Northern – Norway, Sweden Finland, Iceland
Eastern – Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania
Western – France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Southern – Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugual

And what about the United Kingdom???

I’ll be looking at incredible Europe in depth in future Chronicles, highlighting the amazing history, architecture and scenery.

This is a beautiful world with so many corners to reach to and explore. Let me help you experience it.

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