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Quesnel Escapes is becoming Wishbook Vacations

Beginning January 1, 2018,  Quesnel Escapes Travel Services will be called Wishbook Vacations and Tours.  The reason for the name change is threefold:

  • We all seem to have a bucket list:  things we want to accomplish or see in our lives.  When it comes to travel,  I think of these a bit of a wish book.  My passion is to help you turn some of those hopes and wishes into experiences and memories.
  • “Travel Services” is kinda boring.  I love planning vacations with my clients.  So, how better to communicate this than make it part of my name!
  • And, from a more practical perspective, some of you may know that my husband and I own a house in Penticton, BC.  His parents, our youngest son, and several good friends also live there.  As a result, we spend quite a bit of time in Penticton.  Sometime in the near future my husband will retire and we will move to Penticton.  I want to keep making dreams come true for all my valued clients in Quesnel, but I am also interested in new clients in Penticton and elsewhere.  So, having a business named Quesnel Escapes simply didn’t make much sense anymore.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to come up with this fresh new web site.  I hope you like it!

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