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Professional Fee Schedule

It truly is a beautiful world, and it often takes some time to narrow in on what kind of experience is right for you! The right destination, the right cruise, the right hotel are so important to the overall vacation and do take time to find in the vastness of availability of different products. It brings me great joy to help discover the perfect fit for you.

Clients often ask why I charge them a service fee on top of the cost of their travel or vacation.  That’s easy!  This is how I earn my living and you will see the value I bring to your holiday planning once we start working together.  It really is my goal for you to have the perfect travel or vacation experience, to stay within your budget, and to take away all the anxiety and stress of planning and endless searching. If you have any problems while travelling,  I am there to help: I will do everything I can to deal with issues so you don’t have to – all included in the original professional fee.

As part of my planning process, I do offer my clients some initial suggestions for them to consider without applying any Professional Fee. However, after the initial research is complete, I then ask my to clients to commit to the continued process by paying the non-refundable Professional Fee that relates to their travel type. I look very much forward to working with you to help discover the perfect vacation package that you have been Wishing for.

General Office Consulting Fee

Will be applied to booking if confirmed
$60.00 per person

Flight Only Bookings – Canadian Destinations

$60.00 per person

Flight Only Bookings – USA and International Destinations

$80.00 per person

Cruises *

$150.00 per person

Europe and FIT (Full Independent Tour) Packages *

$150.00 per person minimum

* Add Air to any destination with Europe, FIT, or Cruise Packages

$50.00 per person

All Inclusive Packages

$60.00 per person

Hotel Only

Included if booked within a package
$30.00 per file

Car Rental

Included if booked within a package
$30.00 per file

Rail Only

$80.00 per person

Insurance Only

Included if purchased with travel
$30.00 per file

Cancellation Fee

$60.00 per person

*Please note that GST is not included and will be added at the time of booking.

Last Revised: January 16, 2023

As a member of Consumer Protection BC, you have the added assurance that your holiday is protected as well.
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