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Why Use a Travel Agent?

I often get asked:

“Why should I use a travel agent when I can book it myself?”


  • I love my job!  Sifting through mountains of information and designing a perfect trip for you makes me happy and saves you valuable time to spend with your family and friends!
  • I work for you! My goal is to provide you with the perfect holiday experience with no hidden agendas.  I do not chose one supplier over another – your perfect vacation experience is my only goal.
  • I will strive to find you the best travel value possible.  I do not cost more!  The holiday costs the same whether you work with an agent or do it on line.  I do charge a minimal professional fee, and for that fee you will have my personal attention from the beginning of your travel consultation to when you come home again and beyond!
  • One stop shopping!  I will save you time and money and can handle every aspect of your trip for you including insurance.  You dream about it, bring it to me, and I’ll do my very best to turn your dream into a reality.  Everything from a flight, a hotel, rail tickets, all inclusive holiday, guided tour, self-drive vacations, from the top of world to the bottom, I can do it for you!
  • Trust and peace of mind!  Your holiday is protected through Consumer Protection BC, ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies), IATA (International Air Transport Authority), Manulife Insurance with your purchase of protection, and powered by my affiliation with Nexion Canada.
  • I am an expert in making sure that you get where you need to go at the best price and in the most pleasant way possible.  I hold several Expert Certifications.
  • Stress free planning!  Don’t worry about the details – I’ll take care of everything for you!  You will receive as little or as much paper work detailing your vacation as you want!  I can even prepare for you a full detailed itinerary for you to follow.
  • The personal touch!  It’s all about you and your holiday!  You will be able to keep in touch with me before and during your vacation.  And, I love hearing all about it when you return.
  • Deals! Deals! Deals!  I’ll work within your budget keeping a lookout for seat sales and discounts tailored to your needs.  I receive daily notifications from my suppliers informing me about amazing deals tailored for you.
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