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Relaxing on the Island of Samos

I’m going to start by sharing with you a little bit about the island of Samos. Just off the coast of Turkey, this large island is located in the eastern Aegean Sea, separated from Turkey by just one and half kilometers.

This beautiful island has a varied landscape, covered in vineyards, orange trees and olive trees and the most delicious figs you’ll ever taste! We’ve even seen banana trees. Need an herb? They grow wild everywhere on the island and make fantastic teas. Of course, the famous Samos ouzo is produced right on the island in the towns of Vathy and Karlovassi. It’s very mountainous, but its roads are in excellent condition and will get you anywhere you want to go.

There are several beautiful tourist towns to visit, and the beaches are amazing, although they do range from small pebbles to sandy. The water is crystal clear and swimming until the end of September is still quite comfortable. The island can be accessed via ferry or air – it’s a short 1-hour flight from Athens. Ferries can take you around to many other Greek Islands and over to Turkey. Heavily visited from other European countries, large planes land every day carrying sun seeking travelers and welcoming them to paradise. There’s a bus that connects the main towns and of course, there are tour buses there as well. I do recommend exploring this island on your own! Car rentals are a fantastic idea. With 2 main towns, 34 villages and over 20 incredible beaches to discover you’ll want to keep visiting too!

The last time we were on this island our intent was to explore and discover the island’s hidden and not so hidden gems. We visited several towns, did some shopping and of course, visited a lot of amazing restaurants and yes, the food is outstanding! Seafood is brought out of the ocean and cooked up fresh. Vegetables are grown on the island and served simply with herbs and olive oil, and there’s nothing like fresh baked bread followed up by a glass of delicious Greek wine or ouzo. This time around we just wanted to visit a new beach everyday and swim in the Aegean Sea. Not too shabby for a vacation idea!

Fresh Prawns
Rocky Secluded Beach
Hanging Octopus
Lovely Beach Cove Near Pythagoria
Shallow, Sandy “Pool”

Samos is also rich is history that shouldn’t be overlooked. Home to Pythagoras (yes, that Pythagoras the mathematical Pythagorean theory) and the mythical Goddess Hera, the philosopher Epicurus and the astronomer Aristarchus, their presence can still be felt to this day and their sites are must sees and dos on the island.

Monument to Pythagoras
Ruins at Herion of Samos
At a Beach with Mount Kerkis in Background

Visiting caves and hiking on Mount Kerkis, the second highest peak in the East Aegean are a must for the outdoorsman in you. Exploring ancient ruins at the Heraion of Samos, dedicated to the goddess Hera is just one of many ancient ruins to explore for the history buff in you. Sitting on the beach and swimming in the crystal-clear Aegean are a must for the sun seeker in you!

All in all, Samos could just steal your heart as it has done mine.

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