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Vienna, Austria

No buildings higher than three floors….all about the grandeur of music!

We arrived worrying about snow, but did not see any! Ama again arranged for an excellent walking tour around this beautiful city.  The beautiful St Stephen’s Cathedral dominates the skyline with the Pummerin bell tower standing majestically 68 meters above you.  The colorful roof tiles were all hand laid and offer a striking background..  Inside relics, valuable altars and religious treasures do bring you to your knees and make you just stop there for awhile.

The amazing Hofburg reign is showcased in the Imperial Palace, an incredibly beautiful building where the Vienna Boys Choir performs.

Many monumental buildings line Vienna’s Ringstrasse including the State Opera House including the Museum of Fine Arts and City Hall to name a few.

The Christmas market here is a delight for the senses….so many beautiful hand crafted items, scents of the season and music playing in the background.

Check out Schonbrunn Palace on line – there are way too many things to talk about here…I loved it!

The highlight for me was the Mozart/Strauss Concert we attended.  How can you go to Vienna and not attend a concert????  WOW AND WOW AND WOW

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