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Melk, Austria

We arrived in Melk to 6 inches of snow!  The snowman building kind of snow…so I built a snowman!

We were blessed with the opportunity to go and see this inspiring Benedictine Abby overlooking the Danube Rive and the Wachau valley.  It contains the tomb of Saint Coloman, which I had the opportunity to see and touch.  It was founded in 1089 and each of rooms are beautifully decorated throughout the centuries.  The Library where I was not allowed to take pictures, was incredible!

There are still students here learning from the monks.  When we arrived, the children had a break and where waving to us from the windows!  So awesome!

Go check it out.  I’ll be adding pictures to my website when I get home!

I just can’t believe how busy I am relaxing!

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