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Linda Kishkan

Linda left the following review on Google on October 7, 2023:

My husband and I have just returned from a rather interesting trip to the Mediterranean. We flew to Rome from Vancouver and from there, we planned on joining a ten-day cruise. Bernadette provide a fantastic itinerary — very detailed and comprehensive with regard to flight details and places we were about to visit. However, before we even got started on our cruise ship vacation, my handbag was stolen. It had my phone, my wallet, drivers license, passport, credit card and other necessary paperwork. We were devastated! Our hotel was only booked for the time we thought we would be in Rome, but without my passport, we were going nowhere. Feeling quite numb, I emailed Bernadette — with my husband’s phone. She immediately took charge, offering support, guidance and good advice. She found us a hotel for three nights, even though Rome was bustling and not many rooms to be had. She guided us through the necessary steps in getting a temporary passport. She talked with the cruise line and explained our situation and that we were hoping to still join in on the cruise. When I finally did get my temporary passport, she immediately booked flights for us from Rome to Athens and provided the details we need to get hooked back up on our cruise. Throughout this ordeal, Bernadette worked very supportively and efficiently to get us through what had become a virtual nightmare. Without a travel agent, we would have been lost.
This experience was a true testament to the value of having a good travel agent. Bernadette worked overtime to make sure our trip was not a complete shambles and one that would still have many fond memories of. Thank you, Bernadette!

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