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Is River Cruising For You?

Are you a River Cruiser?  Let’s take a look at who that is.  On my recent river cruise there was newlyweds (yes, indeed) and there was a couple celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary (isn’t that amazing!) and of course, there was everyone like me there as well.

River cruising invites those who are seasoned travelers, love small, intimate settings, and really enjoy focusing in on the culture that the cities that are visited unveil.  They enjoy getting to know people from around the world. If you need flashing lights, casinos and big Broadway productions, then river cruising is not for you.  But, if you enjoy listening to amazing performers in an intimate setting, sipping a cup of tea or drinking a beer as the ship floats by panoramic vistas then you will be right at home!  With a maximum of 200 passengers you will soon find yourself developing new friendships with strangers from foreign countries.

If you value amazing service, then river cruising is definitely for you.  With small numbers, everyone from your room attendants to the Captain finds time to sit with you, if you invite them to.  Everything is personalized.  Need feather pillows?  No problem!  Have food allergies?  No problem!

The food is expertly prepared by executives chefs and professionally presented by very well trained servers, whose only goal is for you to have a perfect dining experience, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Even snacks are presented in the lounge throughout the day just for you.

From the moment you are greeted at the airport to the moment your transfer drops you off at the airport at the end of your journey you are treated to a personal holiday experience.

What about those who may have special needs while they travel?  River Cruising can be difficult for you.  The cabins on board are smaller and the destinations visited are not always Accessible Friendly.  You definitely want me to seek out the right itinerary and the right ship for you!

So, here we go…white glove service, incredibly delicious dishes in the restaurant, personal service from beginning to end, staff that really cares about your holiday experience, small, intimate setting, beautiful scenery, in-focus cultural experiences and so much more.  This is river cruising.

Are you a River Cruiser?


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